The stars from a series called "The Lions of Lyon" on my main blog, Shameless Words (link in the sidebar).

The Lions of Lyon Series


Click on the photos to view a larger size. If you are a member of The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, and you want to save a copy of your chosen lion to your computer, the quality is better if the photo is copied/saved from the larger size.

Forty Eight. (Already adopted by: Pearl at Page Half Full).

Forty Seven. (Already adopted by: Nothingman at A Story A Day).

Forty Six. (Already adopted by: Rob at Image & Verse).

Forty Five. (Already adopted by: Kat at Kat's Random Thoughts).

Forty Four. (Already adopted by: Chief Biscuit at As It Happens).

Forty Three. (Already adopted by: Debi at Debi Alper).

Forty Two. (Already adopted by: Wanderlust Scarlett at from the shores of introspect and retrospect).

Forty One. (Already adopted by: Julie at Carter's Little Pill).

Forty. (Already adopted by: Me at Somewhat Sane).

Thirty Nine. (Already adopted by: LJC at Once In A Blue Muse).

Hey, what are you doing here! No, you're not a lion! Disqualified, Miss Muffin!

Thirty Eight. (Already adopted by: Meloney at Meloney Lemon).

Thirty Seven. (Already adopted by: Sarah at Sarah's Writing Journal).

Thirty Six. (Already adopted by: Lo at Terminal Chaosity).

Thirty Five. (Already adopted by Wilf at Wilf's World).

Thirty Four. (Already adopted by: The Bluest Butterfly at A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop).

Thirty Three. (Already adopted by: Jill at Wordsmith Extraordinaire).

Thirty Two. (Already adopted by: The Wandering Author at The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author).

Thirty One. (Already adopted by: Dewey at The Hidden Side Of A Leaf).

Thirty. (Already adopted by: Bonnie at Words From A Wordsmith).

Twenty Nine. (Already adopted by: Minx at The Inner Minx)

Twenty Eight. (Already adopted by: Susan at Writing Passions).

Twenty Seven. (Already adopted by: Cailleach at Barbara's Bleeuugh!)

Twenty Six. (Already adopted by: Jon at Writing In A Vacuum).

Twenty Five. (Already adopted by: Maht at The Moon Topples)

Twenty Four. (Already adopted by: Jessica at Jessica Schneider).

Twenty Three. (Already adopted by: Derek at TypingSpace).

Twenty Two. (Already adopted by: Clare at Keeper Of The Snails).

Hey, what are you doing here! No, you're not a lion! Disqualified, Miss Muffin!

Twenty One. (Already adopted by: LMN at Failed Painter)

Twenty. (Already adopted by: Frank Wilson at Books Inq).

Nineteen. (Already adopted by: Catherine at Still Standing On Her Head).

Eighteen. (Already adopted by: Vesper at Chick With A Quill).

Seventeen. (Already adopted by: Skint at Skint Writer).

Sixteen. (Already adopted by: Shelli at Shelli's Sentiments).

Fifteen. (Already adopted by: Verilion at A Wanderer In Paris)

Fourteen. (Already adopted by: Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso).

Thirteen. (Already adopted by: Apprentice at My Gap Year).

Twelve. (Already adopted by: Lee at Lowebrow).

Eleven. (Already adopted by: Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes.

Ten. (Already adopted by: Gary at The Dawg House).

Nine. (Already adopted by: Remiman at Under The Microscope).

Eight.(Already adopted by: Roberta at Turn the Page).

Seven. (Already adopted by: KGT at When I Wax).

Six.(Already adopted by: Seamus at Shameless Words).

Five. (Already adopted by Atyllah at Atyllah The Hen).

Four. (Already adopted by: Deepthi at Locutions).

Three. (Already adopted by: exskindiver at Skin Diving).

Two. (Already adopted by: Gautami at Rooted).

One (Already adopted by: Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open).